Term of Use

Please review our Terms of Use carefully - if you disagree with any of the terms stated here in this document, please cease your usage of Grids (the Software) immediately. By downloading, installing, and using the Software, you hereby agree to the following Terms of Use.


  • * You understand that your usage of the Software is voluntary.
  • * Grids and its operators are not to be held responsible for any errors or problems that may occur in relation to the use of its Software.
  • * Grids and its operators are not to be held responsible for any trademarks or copyright infringement performed through its Software. Please report issues of fraudulent or unacceptable behaviour to the appropriate Third-Party.
  • * Your usage of Software should be deemed "fair-use", and not be used to engage in follower exchange programs, spam, fake accounts, or harassment.
  • Grids and its operators are not to be held responsible for the violation of past, present or future Instagram Terms of Use in any way.


  • * The Software is provided as-is, and without guarantees to its operation.
  • * You agree that Grids will utilise your network connection in order to download data, and will constitute data towards your potential allowances and quotas.
  • * You agree that Grids will store data on your computer as described in our Privacy Policy.
  • * Grids and its operators are not to be held responsible for any problems that may occur as a result of the installation of, use of, or any activity related to the Software.

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy (the “Policy”) of Grids Mac app ("Grids app" or "the app") is hereby made effective as of September 30, 2014, by ThinkTime Creations LLC., a Delaware corporation (“ThinkTime” or “We”), and, without waiving or otherwise releasing any right or obligation under any prior privacy policy or similar document or agreement of Instant app, hereby amend and restate any such prior privacy policy.

Our Commitment to Privacy

At ThinkTime, your privacy is of great importance. We are determined to safeguarding any personal information you store on the site and app. If you ever have any questions or concerns in regards to privacy, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our No-Share Policy

We simply do not sell or share your personal information with any third parties except where required or permitted by law.

Collection of Personal Information

Grids app allows users to log in their Instagram account and view photos. For that purpose only, it requires user to grant Grids app permission to perform Instagram tasks on behave of their account. This is done through industrial standard OAuth process. After authorization, a token string is obtained by the app, which serves as a ticket for performing Instagram tasks. The token string is unidentifiable, a.k.a, non of your personal information will be revealed by the string, and will be encrypted and saved by Grids app.

None of your username, password or any other personal information in your Instagram account will be collected.


ThinkTime reserves the right to amend, restate or otherwise modify this Policy at any time without notice to you. As user of Instant app you are required, and hereby agree, to review the Policy frequently. If you object to any such changes to the Policy, you may, as your sole right and remedy, stop using Instant app. By continuing to use Instant app after such notice has been posted here, you thereby consent to any such changes to the Policy and agree to be bound by the then current version of this Policy.


Grids team thank Instagram users @daylessday and @onlyminimal for allowing us to use their fantastic Instagram photos for promotional purpose.